Monday, July 13, 2009

Bike Adventure (part2)

So, we decided to take the truck. We put the bikes in the back of the truck and were off to the ramps. When we arrived a small amt of doubt crept into B's mind. My husband with great excitement pointed to the first ramp and as the day began B did not want anything to do with it. And as the day began my husband became frustrated and again I interceded, calmed everyone down(because at this point B was about to cry and Shawn in his best dad mad voice was saying "Fine,get in the truck we going home!".

With a quick breather and a private moment with B I was able to convince him to just enter the park and ride around in circles. Not take any of the ramps, just ride. This was okay, and he felt comfortable with doing this.

On the course were a few bigger boys(late teens) who were very kind to avoid running B over and allowing him his turn on the track. We did this for about an hour. In this hour I started to see B relax, his speed increased and his comfort level sored, after all it was just riding in circles.

Once I knew he was open to going just a little further in this adventure I ask if he wanted to start at the top of a small ramp and just ride down. I would walk his bike up and he could ride down. Okay, he was fine with that. So that is what we did for about another 30 mins.

The weird thing about B is out of the blue when he is learning something he will build up some courage and just take whatever he is doing to the next level. A few weeks ago, while swimming at my sisters pool he decided he wanted to jump into the deep end. This was new he never wanted to go to the deep end, so when he said he wanted to jump in the deep end I said okay, before I could even get to the other end of the pool he had climbed up on the Jacuzzi wall and launch into the center of the deep end of the pool. Just like that! Know hesitation, NO Fear it was just time to move forward in the pool.

So after about four times starting on the top of a small ramp I could see he was getting braver and in one push of the peddle he took off from the small ramp and glided up the side of another small flat top obstacle. He was so happy. With this new found confidence he sored around the track from the first obstacle to the next obstacle. He stayed with these two ramps for about another 30 mins. so when we ask him to add another ramp he was just not sure.


SonjaB said...

Hey where's part 3

SonjaB said...

Arrgg..part three already