Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bike part 3

With a little hesitation he agreed he would walk his bike up to the top of third obstacle and ride down adding it to the other two ramps he already knew he could do. With each trip around the course he would add speed and bravery, and just as he had done in the pool, he pushed to the next level.

Each obstacle he decided to add was taller and more difficult, by this time his confidence was in the level of dangerous. He could do anything. As he raced around the track we never new which ramp he might try next. Finally he was brave enough to take the biggest ramp, we pushed his bike to the top of the 5ft plus ramp and as every good parent would do...shoved his bike down the other side(yes with him on it). Away he went down the ramp up the next ramp continuing though the course. As he built speed he headed back to the steep ramp, Shawn stood at the top an I stood at the bottom to catch him in the event of failure. As he raced toward the ramp he peddled with all he had, and with ample speed took the ramp with determination and resolution for complete success. AS his new red bike raced up the ramp with only his face was beaming.

I fought back the tears( i know a little dramatic but true)Shawn, whom at the beginning of the day all but called him a chicken was also beaming. Oh my goshs it was a family moment. We worked as a team, we had a goal and with patience and resolve we pushed past a giant hurdle. Really, we were just their, B work very hard at mentally over coming his fear and physically pushing to a limit he had never pushed before. B rode his bike in the heat of the day for four hours, up and down the ramps. I was so proud of all of us, we learned so much, Dad learned his son learns at his own pace and if not pushed he will accomplish the goal in his own time, B learned he can do anything he sets his mind to with a little work and time and I learned, first they need me to coach both of them and second their are rewarding moments in being a mom!