Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Mile Stone

Today was a mile stone for our little family. My little boy of all of his 6 years learned a great life lesson. It is so weird as a parent when you look up to your children.

At the same time you are in total admiration because, maybe, just maybe they are so wise and wonderful because you had something to do with their upbringing.

We arrived at out local outdoor skate park filled with metal ramps and steep slopes to attempt to ride THE new bicycle like a true BMX rider. I am not sure why we were going to do this but with no money and an empty Saturday why not.

My son purchased his new red hot wheels bike complete with a noise making had grip about two weeks ago. He has not been off it since. If he could sleep with it he would.

Last week my husband, in an attempt to give me some alone time(it is summer ya know we are both home 24/7 together)took our child on a long bike ride. On the long bike ride they located a make shift bike, dirt track. It was glorious they navigated all the obstacles with ease and precision. My son was elated. He burst in the front door and could not stop talking about the great trip which also included the water park and a Slurpee.

So the next day he wanted to go again, but this time with me. Shawn was working, so I agreed. Lets just say the trip was not near as successful with me as it was with his father. An extended trip,because we got a little lost, a very badly skinned knee and no Slurpee we arrived back at the house.

With this bad trip still fresh in my son's little mind when the subject came up to bike to the bike track he ws not as excited. I could see the disappointment in my husbands eyes, so with motherly love I convinced B to go to a different bike park, one that does not have gravel that will take about three layers of skin off when you fall on it. The thought of a family outing including on of our dogs was a great deal and B was on board ready to go.

(ok, because this story is a little long I will do it in parts....I promise I will blog again tomorrow and again the next day until the whole store is complete...)(really i will.......)

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