Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day fishing Tournement

On Mothers day weekend my niece planned and invited my family(me, my son and husband) and all my husbands family to a sit down Mothers day dinner. In which she planned, decorated and executed beautifully, a wonderful party.

One of the highlights was the impromptu to fishing tournament in the backyard lake of her home. Here are a few highlights.

B has not really fished for anything bigger then a minnow in our lake at our local park. I am not sure he was ready for the big leagues.

His daddy, as always seized the moment to be a great dad and spend some real quality time with him. After a big hit on the line, enough to jerk the pole out of B's hands, Shawn repositioned himself to be of more assistance.

They both waited and not very long after the first big bite, came another. This time they were ready. B pulled the poll and turned the reel as fast as he could. Shawn held him on shore. Again, B has never seen any fish that is larger then his hand, up close, with the exception of in the Aquarium.

As the fish began to fight and came closer B began to see what he had on the line.



Jenks said...

Love the pics. So what does B think of fishing now?

SonjaB said...

Great pictures.

Wendy said...

more to come on the fishing adventure to answer your question Jenks.