Friday, May 8, 2009

Kids say the darndest thing

I have not told a quick witted brilliant story about or from my 6 year old lately so here we go.

My son has a project to work on each night for homework, he turns it in on Fridays. The project is to (on day one) draw a picture of you favorite person, toy, object, place, whatever. On day two he is to write 6 describing words about his picture. You know unpack your adjectives. The first week he drew a monster truck, predictable. Week two he drew and wrote about a race car, # 24 predictable.

Day three and four he is to take his adjectives and write a few sentences about his picture.

This week as I was rereading his assignment to get him thinking about what his topic is I read he could write about his favorite person. With this he said, " I want to write about you". Well, that was quite unexpected since the sun rises and set on Jeff Gordon and B's father. I was touched almost moved to tears.

He drew his picture( a whole other post has to be dedicated to that)(and probably some therapy for me)day one complete.

Yesterday was pick you six describing words. He put:
1) fun
2) tall ( at 5ft 1 not really but to him maybe)
3) glasses( o.k. he is kindergarten a little lenience)
4) Happy (the kid rocks I love this kid)
5) Good (still an awesome kid, does he know his mommy or what)

And heres where it goes all horribly bad!


WHAT THE HECK, I slave for this kid, last weekend we went blueberry picking on Friday, to the beach on saturday(all without our daddy) and we worked on entire other project due for school on Wednesday.)And wait, that is also while I am cooking all his meals, doing his laundry,taking him and picking him up from school so he doesn't have to ride a school bus, taking him to soccer every Saturday, packing his book bag daily complete with snack, fund raising for a school fund raiser and all, until two weeks ago with a kidney stone 9mm and three smaller ones in my right kidney and two, one 7mm and one9mm for a total of 16mm of stone in my left kidney and care for a some what crazy mother of my own.

Wow I never quite understood the plite of a mom and the lack of gratitude one would get as she unselfishly dedicates her every moment to a little person.

For all whom may think Mothers day is just another way for Hallmark to sell cards I say to them Bull (you fill in whatever you like next) moms deserve a freakin medal for just getting their kids to age 6 with out killing them, much less raising them to full adulthood and shoving them out of the nest. I also think we should either have Mothers day once a month or have an entire month of celebration for mothers day.

geezzsss Louise.


Dave said...

Ah, but all that stuff you do is a given, like the sun the moon and stars.

I'm sure you were, shortly before he wrote his last characteristic, lazy in his eyes. He was awake at 6:00 a.m. and ready to go - and somehow you weren't quite ready?

You'd talked about something you might cook for dinner that he loved and you settled for something quick and easy?

You are what he knows; and, five out of six ain't bad.

SonjaB said...

I'm sure he's just relating you being down after surgery as being lazy. He only 6 you know.

Wendy said...

Thank you all for the vote of confidence. In fact with further discussion with my husband in fact he did reveal that post surgery I did have to lay down a lot. true daily I had to take a few moments every few hours to lay down to stop the pain in my back.

Amazing how things translate

Wendy said...

Dave, also very true, he is my alarm clock.....Daily!

Jenks said...

Oh my, well at least you figured it out and like you said, he's only in kindergarten.

I really wanted to make it over to visit this weekend, but I didn't even make it to the phone to see if you'd be home. We need to get together sometime this week, or at least try.

Happy Mother's Day!!!