Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The fishing continues

Just to recap, B has just caught his very first large fish and as any average 6 year old would do, has run from the pole leaving daddy to pull in the monster on the other end of the line. O.K. maybe most kids would have stayed and helped, but who knows. ANY WHOOOO!

As he bolted from the shore line, he did what every normal 6 year old would do who's father is standing three feet away from him.......he yelled(you can almost read his lips which is kinda weird since this is a still picture.)

He yelled.....MMMMOOOOOMMMM!!!!
Now being I was comfortably sitting in the air conditioned house, on a comfy stool, sipping a glass of nicely chilled wine, I was not quick to jump. I figured if it was anything terrible the other 5 adults next to him would take care of him quicker then I could get to him. So as the adults began to call for me I slid off my stool and made my way to the back porch.

B was very excited about his fish, that his dad was now holding. By this time everyone was cheering for the first big catch of the day.

Now all great fisherman take a picture to proof they caught what they caught. As a fish will do it was flapping an moving, so B moved in cautiously. But finally in the end the fisherman prevailed and the picture was taken........ kinda sorta! As always, with a little help from dad.


SonjaB said...

I'm sure you can photo shop Shawn's hands out of the picture at some point.

Very funny story...

Wendy said...

Love the way he is"holding up" his fish. Classic.

Jenks said...

Gotta give B credit, he got a better 'hold' of it then I would have.