Friday, May 15, 2009

Go and blue!

So in an effort to erase my carbon foot print, I have decide to ride my bicycle more. I have a grocery store, a great local fruit stand, and my son's school all with in a 5 mile radius. Also, with the extra trips I will have be taking to help with my mom I need to conserve on gas.

Most people whom are familiar with Christian religions you know of the Holy Trinity. The Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost. As a practicing Pentecostal we believe the Holy Spirit lives with in you(me)(us) and is a guide or an internal voice to help you. Some may call it their conscious, others intuition, but for me it is the Holy Ghost which gives me wisdom and guidance in my daily life.

The first few days after I made the decision to be very GREEN I would take B to school in the AM as always, with the truck, and then when time to pick him up I would walk the few miles carrying his bicycle so he could ride home from school. This was not that hard, but awkward. So finally about the third day of this I decided to be smarter, more creative, make life a little easier.

As I started to place my sons 12 inch, small bike on the handle bars of my full sized mens bike I heard that voice, you call it what ever you want, for me the Holy Spirit say

" Don't do this this could be bad"! It was just a faint whisper. I of course ignored it. I had the little bike propped up on the handle bars and shoved the right peddle of my bike down to the ground and I was off. To my surprise it went very well and I was up to a good cruising speed before you knew it.

As I came to the first turn I realize this was going to be a bigger challenge then expected. When I turned the front wheel of my bike it jammed into the wheel of the little bike. Again, the little voice inside me said " Stop now, this could end badly'! Once again I was sure I could do this, I was sure I could make it the short trip to school, why not I had already gone about a third of the way. NO PROBLEM!

I crossed the busiest street, smooth sailing. I was still clipping right along and again I heard the internal voice say"Stop and walk the rest of the way, this is going to end badly, this is not smart STOP"! And yes again I new better and thought, I am almost there I will be fine.

As I made a right turn, within a block of my final destination the small bike so perfectly perched on the front handle bars of my bike slipped ever so slightly to the right. With this adjustment the front tire wedged in between the front tire of my bike making it impossible to turn or control the front of the bicycle. As I reached for my brakes the frame of the small bike had fallen in front of the hand brake control blocking me from being able to slow the bike. Realizing at this point I had know other option but to bail I leaned toward a yard and thankfully the bike followed. At a fairly good rate of speed I lifted my hands from the bike and tried to jump.....Unsuccessfully of course. As I hit the ground I braced with my fore arm, hit the ground with my side, and hip and skidded about 6 feet.

As any normal person would do after making a complete ass of herself I jumped to my feet and began to gather my bicycles. As I swung around to see if any one had witness this display of idiocy I realized I had crashed in a co-workers lawn of my husbands. With the grace of God Mr. Dave was not home at the time, nor was his wife and child.

At this point God is good, and he tells the Holy Spirit never to say "I told you so"! I myself can say, stupid why didn't you listen.

I hobbled the rest of the way about a block and finally made it to school. I was in such a hurry to get to school so B didn't wonder where I was, once I arrived I realize my arm was bleeding and I hit the ground so hard I had jolted my pony tail from the center of my head to the right side but I was not late.

So what if I walked the last quarter of a mile past all the parents who were in the car loop line waiting to pick up their child (non- greeners) with a large dirt stain down my right leg, a bloody elbow, and a very lopsided hair do(did not realize that at the time) I held my head high because I was saving the planet one crash at a time.

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