Saturday, May 16, 2009

Update Going Green...Black and Blue

So less then 24 hours later my family and I decided to take a few books back to the library. It is not far so I suggested we ride our bikes. About 1/2 way to the Library we stopped our bikes to cross the busy road. As we all began to cross I pushed my pedal and nothing happened. I was starting up hill and did not have the strength in my legs to start from dead stop to a good balancing speed up hill.

As my husband said are you o.k. I found myself heading for the ground. Crash! Twice in 24 hours. At this point my husband said get up, get up traffic was coming. I jumped up and pushed my bike to the side where I could get on a pedal effectively. After this little mishap the rest of the trip was very uneventful.

Now most would be discoraged, most would give up and declaire the bike the victor. No not me darn it I will be more green. I will prevail.

I a happy to announce I rode my bike to and from my sons school about 5 times in the last week and was successful. Went tot he grocery and the fruit stand several times and Not one crash. Not one.....yeah.

After two weeks I might just have the hang of it.


Jenks said...

So the final score for the week was like 1-13 woohooo go Wendy!!!

Wendy said...

Yeah for me!!! I think, I am getting better at it, and I have yet to capsize a stationary bike at the gym!

SonjaB said...

And you haven't drowned in the pool yet wither....bonus