Friday, May 1, 2009


Ahhh, Mom
Well just to catch you up here is a very brief recap of the past weekend.
Friday, went to the hospital because my moms primary Dr. found her very confused and disoriented when she arrived for her regular chk up that day. The Dr. thinks she maybe showing signs of a stoke. With this the Good Dr. recommends my mother get back in her car and drive herself to the ER.

Once in the ER the Dr. on duty admits her and orders a gammit of about a million different neurological, cardio vascular and general test to try and fiqure out why she is so disoriented. At this time someone decides to call my sister, and in turn my sister calls me. We all convene at the aforementioned hospital and stay until approximately 10pm. I stay the night at my sisters house which is only about 5 miles from the hospital

Saturday arrive back at the hospital apprx 9 AM trying to catch up with the doctors doing rounds. We already know she is not havening a stroke we(my family and I) have seen these bouts of confusion coming on for some time, but we want to be sure she is physically o.k. with a short lunch break we stay until about 8ish that evening. I make the 40 mile trip back to my house.

At the end of Saturday we know for sure she is medically not have a stroke. Two different Dr.s have evaluated her and have now claimed her unfit to live on her own and she is now unable to drive ever again. My sister and I go home completely overwhelmed and begin making plans for her to immediately move in with one of us.

Sunday sister goes to early church and then directly to the hospital. I spend some time with my family, attend second service and go to the hospital to releve my sister. By this time my mother wants to leave the hospital and resume her normal life as she knows it. We must wait for a few more evaluations for a complete diagnosis. My mother becomes intolerant of this an becomes difficult and some what belligerent. Time for the big guns. My husband and son arrive with me on Sunday and with these new visitors mom becomes some what less abusive toward me and my sister. We watch the race(nascar) with her an my son and husband left. Later my sister came back, we stayed with mom until about 7ish.

Monday, word on the street is mom is getting out, I gather my stuff to make the 75 mile (round trip)back to the hospital. I arrive around 11 thinking discharge would be quick and easy, I assure my husband I will be home for dinner and to tuck my son in to bed for the first time in several days. Big mistake.

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SonjaB said...

Sweetie, I 'm so sorry. I hope it works out.