Sunday, May 3, 2009

MOM part 2

Once arriving at the hospital I have learned one more Dr came and talked to mom while neither my sister or I were present. This idiot has now deemed my mother fully competent to live on her own, he does request she have physical therapy three times a week. Appalled my sister speaks to the original Dr., whom by the way since sending my mother driving to the er has not been present at the hospital once since mom has been admitted. Although she does call in an order for antibiotics for a UTI my mother has.

Armed with this info my mother(whom by the way is in the advancing stages of Alzheimer's) insists we leave immediately. Taking herself out of bed, putting on her shoes and sitting in a chair by the door complete with IV still attached in her hand. After many attempts to get information to finally get my mother discharged 6 hours later we are ready to leave the hospital. The longest 6 hours of my freakin life.

We take her home and deal with some very manic behavior but get her in for the night. We take her car(we don't care what the Dr said, she is not fit to drive and leaving the vehicle at her house she would be on the road with in seconds of us leaving.)
At least with the diagnosis of competency how ever wrong it is we were given more time to plan on where we were going to put her. Not a nursing home, to costly this early on plus that would just send her over the edge. The only solution we can come up with for a temporary fix is to add a small trailer onto my sisters farm. Completely fenced so as to lock her in but giving her a home, so to speak with some Independence and freedom. When my mom is coherent she has a very valid point when she says, I just went to the doctor for a chk up and now my whole life has changed for the worse. I am not sure I would feel any different if a bunch of people just told me i can not drive anymore and in a few months I would have to sell my house and move wether I wanted to or not. She can be difficult on a good day so this change has been very difficult on us all.

We know this is temporary but with home health care coming daily this could work for a enough time to get the next stage set up. With proper nutrition, staying on her medications and a little more socializing we can slow the progression of the disease.

So thats the update without a lot of detail. Other then my sister takes her dinner every night and a few days a week I will be making that drive to check in with her, life is settling down. For now.

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