Friday, April 24, 2009

My Miracle today

I would like to dedicate this blog to God, My husband and Sonja' Mom

Long story short after a fight with my Doctor today I was feeling overwhelmed and lost. He refuses to help me identify why I am have some physical problems I have never had before. I believe it is hormonal, he does not, he thinks I am clinicly depressed and wants to put me on medication. Fine, once we have exhasted all other options that may be an option, But he has never tested my hormones, ......KIDS, I AINT GETTIN ANY YOUNGER, MY EGGS ARE DROPPEN LIKE FLYS!!!!!! I want to explore bio-identical Hormone replacement, he say's they don't work.....( I am researching and that seems not to be true at all many women have a great of success with holistic treatments

People always think of me as being younger, maybe immature, whatever but the fact is this women change in their mid 40's - 50's HELLO!!!!! they just don't all go crazy because of the moon. Anyway, (breath)(stupid man doctor)(sorry breath) Armed with this info from my Dr. I called my hubby. He knows I am depressed about the seeminly unexplainable weight gain over the last month( with a close watch on what i am eating), and the inability to work out due to my pet rocks(kidney stones) so I am sure in his dispare he was searching for an solution to clam me down, when god gave him inspiration.

Out of his very calm loving mouth came an answer to prayer(sonja's mom heres where you will understand the dedication to you. HE SAID "WENDY WHY NOT TRY WATER AEROBICS!" Oh my gosh! it is low impact so I can still heal from surgery it is out side, and I could be out being a little social. In the past when I have felt nervous or hormonal I would run, workout, something. But when this was difficult i stopped.

I went to a water aerobics class today and found heaven. Heaven for me today, for where I am right now. I have struggled a lot with how things were when I was in my 30's, what I was capable of before and what I can't do today. NO more I am dealing with today and where I am today, and water aerobics was my physical, spiritual, and emotional therapy for me today. The weather was great, the water although cold for a few moments became the perfect temp and the class was about 20 people who although older then me challenged me to push a little harder. It was great work out and I took a good dose of good old natural vitamin D. I floated in the pool for another hour. The dizziness I was experiencing on land was gone in the pool. Ah peace, who cares my house is a total disaster( when you take the wife our of housewife things get a little crazy.

Okay new development! The phone just rang and my mom has been admitted to the hospital for extreme delusional behavior. We new it was coming, Thank you god for that moment of peace I am sure it will help over the next 24 hours.

gatta go


Sonja's Mom said...

I am so glad you liked the Water Aerobics Class. It is so beneficial for all ages. I am so much more limber than I was 2 years ago and have more energy during the day after I have gone to class. We emphasize "going at you own pace" so everyone gets the workout that is just right for them. A nice cool down is to swim a couple of laps after.

Check out our blog at
I have just learned how to make a banner at the top of the page - tell me what you think.

Good luck and keep swimming!

Sonja's Mom said...

Sorry - misspelled the Blog.

Jenks said...

Water aerobics? are you still going to the y? I'm glad you found something that works for you.

Wendy said...

yeah we tried to quite but the paper work kept getting fowled up! We took it as we were not suppose to quite

At this point I am very glad because it is going to be a life saver for me

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