Monday, March 9, 2009

Today I made a decision! Not a very popular one at that. Again with our recent decision to have me be a stay at home mom we are cutting back on our budget. With this descion we have cut back on things we really do not need. It has forced us to look at what we need not what we want. It has forced us to "clean house" so to speak of unnecessary clutter, unnecessary financial clutter. The point of this change was to be more of a family and create a better life for the B man. So we will be canceling our cable, our YMCA membership and refuse to use our heat and air. These cut backs so far have not really change our way of life, but when we came down to possibly pulling B out of gymnastics I had to stop and think if this career change is imposing to much on B's life.

With a harsh look at, are we depriving B of things that are important to him just so I can pick him up at school every afternoon. Will he appreciate That I volunteer at his school each week or will he resent me for pulling him out of something he look forward to every week.

With this luming question I made a tough decision. It is I who should sacrifice for him. He should never know that a decision to be available to him morning noon and night also could cost him something he really enjoys.

With this concept I have made a big decision to part ways with one of the things that defines me. My Harley. It was an Xmas gift three years ago from my husband. He purchased it for me for several reasons. One was cheap transportation to and from work. Two was to give me something of my own to do, something of my own to have me time on away from the hustle and bustle of the family activities. Since then I have found other outlets such as my volunteer work and I also have enough alone time when B is in school. I don't get to ride very often and it seem now is the time to make the move. With wearing tires on our primary vehicle and other bills the extra money would be a welcome relief.

So for now my beautiful Harley has been listed on Craig's list and an ad will be placed in the local news paper. If I am meant to sell it it will sell, If God wants me to keep it I will, but for now it is officially for sale.


SonjaB said...

Ahhh too sad. I know you really love that bike. Did you apply for a job though, I got a reference email for you?

Wendy said...

Yes, but I am a little confused on the process so I am following up on that.