Thursday, March 5, 2009

A few good Sites or just qoogle Victory Junction camp

When the evening news is overwhelming
When things are not quite right in your life
When gray is all you see
check into these two web sites

When your life is over flowing
When you find yourself with a little extra
When you know your life is good and others are not
Check into these two web sites

From first hand accounts I can tell you both of these projects are amazing God sent charities and well worth anything you could offer them. Whether it be buying Blue Mountain coffee from the City of Refuge or volunteering your time with Victory Junction (beware the vol application is a bit lengthy but very necessary) it would be time and money well spent.

Having spent the last weekend in NC at Victory Junction I can't get over how much this and other camps just like it are so needed for the support of parents and children. All campers have had or are having a major medical crisis. From non curable diseases to bi-polar disorder they all are welcome. The camp staff refers to it as the camp bubble. Untouched by the outside world, Only a happy place where know one is sick and know parent has to watch helplessly as their child clings to hope for life. Kids just get to be kids, children who have been turned down for a camp experience are welcome at VJC.

Amazing, Just as amazing as a renovated resort on the top of a mountain that is a sacturary to terrorized and lost children of another land. Started with the vision and hope of two people now housing, educating and loving 60 children.

Food for thought as we all go to bed in our heated homes and our comfy beds. Although faced with challenges we parents are truly blessed to not have to give over 8 pills per meal to help our child see his or her future.

God thank you for your blessings in my family and please help me bring light to others about others in need

In Jesus name Amen!

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