Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Dilema

Well it has been one day since I listed the Motorcycle on Graig's list
To my surprise I have a response!

But, it was not a response I was expecting.

The offer was in trade the bike for a (really nice) pull behind camper. Two ac units, new carpet, slider for extra space. Really nice, value is about 7800.00 much more then the bike. But I am sure if he could get that for the camper he would not be trading for a bike worth 6000.00, so!

My husbands theory is keep trading Up! We saw on T.V. once some guy started with a paper clip and traded up and kept trading up until he traded for a house. True story!

So his idea is to trade and keep trading up. Even if we didn't trade the camper we would probably love to have the camper. We have always wanted a camper, you can camp in the infield of the race track in Daytona, that would totally rock......But we can't afford to use the camper right now. We would need a trailer hitch and our truck still needs tires.

So I pose the question to you my faithful readers

DO I TRADE OR DO I NOT!!!!??????


Sonja's Mom said...

After reading your previous post, my question is - if you'er trying to cut down on expenses, why would you trade for something that requires more care and expense? On the up side, it would be great for B to be able to commune with nature on camping trips. Oh, wait - you can do that much cheaper in a tent. I don't know the answer to you question so i'll just stop writing now.

Wendy said...

Thanks for you help on this, you can now see the issue I am having.

Dave said...

I'm assuming the bike and the camper are paid for. If you just let the camper sit, there's not much maintenance cost. You don't have to use it while you've got it. If that's the case; and, more importantly, if the camper is really worth more than the bike; then, trade for it and market it.

SonjaB said...

What Dave said

Wendy said...

it is sort of like lets make a deal
Dave, you are correct both the bike and the camper are paid for!