Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jamica lodging

I was so relieved we had arrived. At the guard waived us in I was shocked their was a gate and a guard. Again, I would understand as the trip went on why it was necessary. The driveway was very steep and gravely. As we turned for the last corner the van stopped. The driver began to back up, I was not sure why, the driver hit the gas to attempt to make it up the last leg of the trip. With the weight of the van he had to try several times before we made it to the top.

Finally we had arrived. Our rooms were assigned. I thought I was to room with three other women but as luck would have it I was to room with one. I may have already told this part but I will refresh your memory.

Most of the team came with a spouse or family member. Our children's minister came on the trip it would be her 5th or 6th time on this trip.

I had volunteered in the Sunday school program which merged into Sundays and Wednesdays for several months. When our children's minister and I disagreed she ask me (not very nicely) to leave. So I did... In fact I started attending another church for about six months. As time passed I felt I wanted to return to this church, after all God forgives us so I need to forgive others!

I still had not spoken to this women even after I started attending the church again. In fact I went out of my way to avoid her at all cost. So here I was tired, homesick and ready for bed when I learned their were more rooms available then originally expected so the young girls would have one room and The CM and i would be assigned to the other. GREAT!

As we went to the last room of the building We opened the door and reviewed our room for the next week. Bunk beads and an old couch. Again I think I have blogged this before so I will move on. I climbed in to my very small bottom bunk, chased a lizard out of my bed on to the screen window and tried to fall asleep.

It is difficult to sleep in a strange place, but to sleep in a strange place with a strange person was even more challenging. Every time I started to snore I would wake myself up, which I think was probably about every 1/2 hour.

Finally the sun was up it felt like it was around 9am after a small search for a watch we found out it was only about 7am. Wow the sun sure is bright on the top of a mountain, on an island at 7am sleep I want sleep.......

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