Wednesday, February 25, 2009


(above: fur baby Harley)
Although I only have one human child everyone knows I have three fur babies.

We all know I stopped working to fulfill a more traditional roll as a housewife and mother.
(as instructed to us by God)
After the big remodel we all know we are broke....... cutting back...... way back.

So all of the above make today even more special.

Yesterday I was sitting in my front yard with my human child the next door neighbors child and one of my fur babies.

My fur baby Harley was quite content sitting on the lawn watching the world go by.

Until ....... The Squirrel. Yes his little body jumped to its feet and chased that little bugger across the street.

As my fur baby ran onto the next lawn(the last few days have been cold and windy)(making lots of leaves) He hit a patch of leaves and slide a few feet and then continued to chase the squirrel up a tree. End of story Right!

Not.....not in my world.

This morning B and I started our daily routine except

This morning Harley was shaking and on several occasions yelp in pain when he moved.

Confused and worried I monitored his movement for several hours after taking B to school.

He would not jump on the couch, nor would he go outside.

Not normal.

Fearing the worst I called the fur doctor. She said bring him right in.

I Did

Again in the car my fur baby was weird, he would not jump in the car, nor out and when he shook is head he yelp again. HUUUMMMMMM

After a quick look over and a few misplaced yelps the Dr. needed to do x-rays.....$200.00 worth

As I cried because I could not do what was best for my fur baby I declined the treatment.

Fur Dr and I came to a compromise w/ one x-ray

Harley's x-ray was inconclusive no visible sign of injury!!!!!!??????

What a surprise pay for test, still have no answers.

With further review I noticed Harley was not jumping up to sit on my lap. Harley didn't want to jump

Very unusual

After further review I diagnosed he did not want to stretch his back..... at all.....

Putting his symptoms with the incident yesterday we determined he as thrown his back out!

Only in my house would I have a fur baby with a bad back. $100.oo later we left with puppy aspirins for the next week, one x- ray and more debt on a credit card.

Walk by faith not by sight.......... Please Lord help us provide and survive.

Dear Lord, why did you invent Squirrals?


SonjaB said...

He probably strained something. I'm sure he'll be fine.

I know how you feel, we thought Kady was diabetic earlier this week, but her test came back negative.

Wendy said...

Ah my sister had a diabetic kitty $2000.00 later he is cured. He lost weight, and now does not need his insulin!

Anonymous said...

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