Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jamaica cont'ed

Well I think we left off about to climb the mountain, in a van, with 12 other people.
As we drove up the road it was clear, 1) The road was dark, 2) The road was one lane, 3) the side of the road was very close! 4) the young people in the van thought they were on a rollacoster at Disney!

It was late but several times as we rounded one of the many curves we would run almost directly into another vehicle, or even worse several people just walking up or down the mountain. With each curve, and near miss the young people in the van would scream(as loud as possible.) Oh my gossssh, I wanted to go home. I was tired, I missed my son, and now I had a teenager screaming in my ear. Not to mention with each scream the driver(later he admitted to this) would accelerate or come closer to the side of the road. Although very dark occasionally we would pass a shack on the side of the road. literally on the edge of the road perched on a rock hanging of the side of the mountain. These little buildings would explain the random people walking up and down the road in the middle of the night.

As most of us know Jamaica produces great coffee and great Rum! These little shacks were bars. The had beer, and other spirits. This would be the first view of what would be a strong image that would be implanted in my mind of how divided the people of Jamaica really were.

I like to ride in race cars, I like an occasional rollacoster I can fly on airplane with out to much motion sickness, but by the time this ride was over I was close to having a great case of car sickness!

At one point the driver pointed to the sky, he said "Thats the school mon"! It looked big, but it looked still very far away. Several times we would round a corner and run into another vehicle. Many times the driver of the other vehicle thought he should go first, our diver did not agree. This would mean they would have to shout at each other. Great I am in a foreign country on a van in the middle of a mountain passing little bars on the ledges, with screaming teenagers and now a moment of road rage. If I was,t sure yet(which I was) I was now...I HATE IT HERE AND I WANTED TO GO HOME!

After the dipute was over and the vehcles past(so close the mirrors almost hit) we were on our way. When I was just about to say, Stop I want to get off we stopped at an iron gate and a guard house. We had arrived.


SonjaB said...

Having traveled with you, you must have really hated this. Because you usually travel very well, even whe you get left at the airport after running a marathon.

Wendy said...

I know quite surprising! It does get better. I think it was leaving home the kid thing. In the past all I left behind was a few cats and we were going to see drunken cowboys.

SonjaB said...

Ahhh Drunken cowboys. Those were the days.