Friday, June 13, 2008

Insights from my 5year old-

I have not blogged an insight for quite some time so I thought I would do so today.

I think this is more A comment from my 5year old as well as an insight.

Today when we came home from school, as usual my son instantly becomes famished and wants a snack. As we were walking into the house he heard the ice cream truck. By the way some people think clowns are scary, I feel the same way about the clerks in the Ice cream trucks. Around these parts it is usually a mid - to late 40's unshaven face guy with a big belly hanging out from his stained tee - shirt. Anyway he ask if he could get ice cream, and I told him we had ice cream in our freezer, and he exclaimed with distress, "We don't have Ice Cream Cones"! I advised him I am not an amature anymore. I am a completely together mom that knows every wish and command of the men in which live in her house. O.K. that is a bit of a stretch, but I did happen to pick up cones a few weeks ago. So problem solved! We went into the kitchen and I made him a cone. It was a new flavor of Ice cream, vanilla cake batter with frosting swirls and sprinkles. Whats not to like, and as predicted he loved it. Being as they are mini cones he ate a second one

Since the big training concentration effort several months ago in which I lost 0lbs I have been watching my calories very closely. I check everything and try to find a low fat alternative to food we eat(the ice cream was low fat). So the discussion in our house has been about calories for a few weeks.

Another hot topic in my house has been my son's teeth. When he was around 2 he fell and knock out a portion of a tooth. Upon further review the dentist opted to remove 4 teeth and put in a partial, or a bridge( not a great option for a toddler we have since learned). Several weeks ago while eating a gummie lifesaver his bridge broke, thus throwing us into a series of about 6 dentist appointments to fix the bridge, fill teeth, cap teeth, clean teeth, and so on and so on. With all the visits to the dentist my son has learned about cavities.

So as I gave him the cone I glanced at the calorie chart on the side of the container, with this my son ask(here is the comment/insight)

"Mom, Does the ice cream have a lot of Cavities?"

Although well aware he meant calories I still wanted to answer, "Yes and they are just sitting there waiting to attack your little teeth, so go brush!"


SonjaB said...

Husband loved birthday cake ice cream with sprinkles. Ymmmmm

Wendy said...

It is brocks new all time fave