Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Basset Hound Battles

We have discovered the way to keep a Basset Hound out of the trash,

Amazing, we found this out because last week after the Graduation party we were cleaning up. When my husband went to throw the balloons away he walked past the bassets, they ran the other way. Hummm, we don't know why they ran but they did. So we attached them (the balloons not the Bassets) to the top of the trash can. We have put all normal trash in the can and not once in the past several days has the can even been approached, tip, touched, smelled or emptied(except by my husband to take the trash to the curb)

Current score Dogs 10
Humans 2
not great, but we are catching up.

Now, if we could only figured out how to keep them off the kitchen table, and the counters. Balloons everywhere? That will help the already struggling decor


Jenks said...

it'll just make everything really festive...go all out and add streamers too.

Dave said...

Is a balloon the dog equivalent of a squirt bottle for cats?

Wendy said...

Yes,, it appears so!

At least with our dogs.

SonjaB said...

Its been over a week. What's happening in your life?