Thursday, June 26, 2008

Catching UP!

As my friend Sonja commented in my last blog I have not blogged in over a week. Not like me I know since I am a blogaholic. I feel I have been remiss on a few of my regular topics. I have not blogged on a miracle a day, or my a.s.s. project. So I will do a catch-up blog and next I will do a blog that explains why I have fallen behind on my blogging responsibilities

A miracle a day:
I won't back track to them all for the past several weeks, but a few do stand out.

1) As normal for Florida we are into our summer weather pattern. Nice but humid morning, hot and a bit cloudy in the early afternoon, increased cloudiness, extremely strong thunderstorms in late afternoon, hail, lighting, an occasional tornado and then a pleasant evening. Anyone who has been in Florida for over a week in the summer can see this pattern.

Last week my son had a Doctors appt. for his school physical, as we left the summer rain began. Once in the car the lighting began. As usual it was very close and created very loud thunder. My son was a little panicked, but I assured him all was well. Our house was on the way back to my work, my boss said to call her to see if I need to return to school or if I could take the rest of the day off. We stopped at our house, went in side just as the sky fell to the earth. Very frequent close lighting, hail, wind, street flooding etc., etc. We tried to call the school but the phone was out o order.(Later we found out not out of order, my husband left the fax machine plugged in so we could not get a dial tone). I pulled up the local weather station on line to look at the radar which showed red over our town which is the most extreme color on the chart.

We decided to wait out the storm and then drive back to school to be sure all was well with them. We watched the storm for about 20minutes and as quickly as it came into town, it left. The sky was still very dark but he rain was light and the lighting had stopped. I was confident it was safe to go out and walk the 15 feet from the front door to the truck door. We gather our things and opened the front door. When we did that I realized it was raining a lot harder then I thought, my mind said, "Big deal the truck is close, you will not get that wet". Every other time in the past year I was put in this situation I would just grab B-mans hand and make a break for it, who cares we won't melt. This time was different. As B reached for the screen door to step onto the porch I told him to wait I was going to get our rain coats. Although my mind said go, my instincts said wait.

I think your gut instincts, intuition, little voice whatever it is to you is really the voice of God. Many times we push past it but when we really know, really feel strongly about our gut feeling is when God is with us the most. ]

B-man was at the door reaching for the screen, and I was about 3 feet from him in the living room. Just as I told him to wait, just as his little hand let go of the door handle, just as I turned to take one step to get our coats A fiery bolt of lighting hit in our front yard. It was so intense the flash lit up the entire room, the sound shook everything in our house. It was as if a bomb went off in our drive way. If you live on land your front yard maybe vast and expansive, but we do not. We live in a small community subdivision with a very small front lawn. As expected, my son completely came unglued as did I. For the first time since becoming a parent I had to force myself to stay calm and get him to come down from extreme hysterics. He ran from the door and stuck to me crying uncontrollably. We both sat on the couch under a blanket flinching a little when the storm came around for round two. With each bolt of lighting my son would jump, even if it was 40 miles away.

It took about another 20 minutes before we moved off the couch and another 5 to get him to go out the door, we both ran for the truck and made our way safely from the flooded streets back to school.

When I relived the story telling my husband I truly realized what a Miracle it was we did not walk into the yard at the moment. If we were not actually stuck by the lighting, living in Florida I know many other injuries could have occurred to me but oh my God, could have happened to B-man. Not just the physical injuries but the emotional trauma it could have cause him. I can't imagine how scared he would have been if he had been outside when it hit. He has always had sensitive ears to loud sounds, but if he had been outside it could have permanently damaged his hearing. I am not very scientific I leave that to my sister the science teacher, but I am pretty sure once lighting hits it can travel over the ground. We would have been standing in water, touching a large metal object( our truck).

O.k. I am not a scientists but even I realize that can't be good. Thank God all is well.

2) Another miracle in our lives this week was I think we have finally found a contractor in which is professional, on time, and pleasant to speak with I will blog later on why we need a contractor.

My A.S.S program is in a holding pattern, I thought we were making progress but then I saw three little bodies mushed into the road this week.


SonjaB said...

Poor B-man. I hope he's feeling better about the storm, they are great to sleep to.

Glad you weren't hurt.

Jenks said...

So glad that you and B are ok. Poor thing I'm sure he's gonna be jumpy for some time. We once had lightening strike a tree next to us while we were's a deffinately a freaky thing to see.