Thursday, June 12, 2008

One more mystery solved

It started out as any other evening, who Knew we would solve a mystery in which people have been plagued for centuries.

I went to retrieve a load of laundry from the dryer. After a full hour on the high dry the clothes were still wet. This is not uncommon in our house. With three dogs, a preschooler,a husband that always has weird stuff in his pockets and a lot of laundry in a week it is not unusual for the dryer to get a little clogged up. Lint, paper, hair all the normal heat blockers in the little tube thing that connects to the dryer and the wall. So as normal I called my husband to fix it, and as normal my wonderful husband came to fix it. After a much longer time and a lot of banging and I think a few swear words my husband emerged from the garage.

I ask him if he was o.k. and more to the point was the dryer o.k. and he said he was fine and the dryer is working for the time. That was good enough for me.

(here is the mystery part)
He said he had to pull the dryer out to get behind and under it and he found 6, count them 6 of my sons socks. None of them matched. Now for the record I have been looking for the matches to these same socks in which are in his dresser drawer. None of the adult socks under the dryer, just my sons.

So apparently the answer to the question where do my socks go, does the dryer eat them? The answer is YES! But for some reason my dryer prefers little stinky socks to the larger clean socks. Hummmm

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