Monday, June 30, 2008

Help my schedule is taking over

Busy Busy
new baby in my class, 3 under 6mths
Renovating our house
Looking for a contractor that will contract
Mom haveing surgery
Family being stupid *again*
packing for vacation July 4 - 13th
cant find the floor to much laundry
can't pack the car to cluttered with stuff that needs to come out
dogs, oh crap the dogs, need to remind dog sitters
3 weeks till Jamaica
Fund raising for Jamaica
believe in God
Believe in God
Believe he will provide
What,I sent two bills to the wrong places
Have to call customer service to find out where $300.00 is that was sent to pay a bill in the wrong envelope.
Busy Busy Busy
Oh its late, I have a meeting at 7am with a contractor
new job, have to go to work...(second Job)
Family, B-man under the weather have to get medication
Oh my gosh, I have to go shopping, coupons going to expire, will miss good sale
crap need new bathing suit for vacation.....
Friday July 4th, Wedding anniv. need to get a card
Friday July 4th 5am get up meet Rachel, my niece, run 5k need to reges. for race
Friday July 4th try to go to fund raiser for missions trip.
Friday July 4th Be completely packed, house cleaned, truck cleaned ready to leave for vacation.
Don't forget nascar race tickets for July 5th
Cash pay checks
Blog hurry make it quick it is late, have to be up early
Tues, Thur get brock to soccer practice...hope it does not rain it makes him sad.
fish food I need fish food
I hope it does not rain tomorrow I need to ride the motorcycle to the hospital it will be cheaper .
Sleeep Sleeeep why am I not sleeeeping, I cant sleep I have things to do

And this ladies and Gentleman is the what my mind looks like at any given moment. Very scary to think when all this is going on I am taking care of small children or driving down the road.....

Help my schedule has taken over


SonjaB said...

Looks like my brain, but with different thoughts.

Dave said...

Breath slowly. Count down from ten, slowly, slowly. Listen only to the sound of my voice. Everything is OK.

Repeat as necessary.

Wendy said...

I am trying bur every time I start to count I start to make another list of things to do


Jenks said...

Well, I hope you managed to get everything packed...and by the time you see this you'll be back from vac., so I hope you had a good time.