Friday, May 2, 2008

5k day part 3

The decision was made to drive the truck. It made the day a little easier, So as I loaded into the truck the darkness was starting to fade. As I drove toward my destination I expected to be solo in my thoughts and on the road. To my surprise the traffic was constant. As I drove the traffic became heavier, I could only speculate where everyone was going. Why would anyone else be up at this time of day on a Saturday. It's amazing the hustle of the world at 6:45am on a weekend.

Finally I arrived at the stadium and a million memories came flooding back, but at the same time I found myself feeling as if I have never been here before. As I approached the parking lot I realize I had successfully arrived early. As I decided to drive past the lot to the next convenient store I knew I needed to eat something. As any well trained runner I selected the breakfast of champions, A bagel(carbs)and a cup of steamy hot chocolate(comfort food). The bagel was warm and soft, perfect to settle my still uneasy stomach, and the hot chocolate hot. I drove back to the parking lot. People began to flood the area. Cars were filling the lot, and avid runners were everywhere. Having run a gazillion 5k races somethings became so familiar. Picking up my race packet, pinning on my race number, sizing up the competition, all reminiscent of races past. But one thing seemed very foreign, something I never noticed before. My friend Sonja accompanied me to a lot of races, she was my coach,gps and cheering section. As many races as she attended it never inspired her to pick up her running shoes,and for the first time i could see why.
As I sat in my truck sipping my now, medium hot, hot chocolate I realized avid runners are a little intense. They were running everywhere. To their cars, to the registration table, from their cars, from the registration table, up and down the street, in the parking lot, out of the parking lot around and around they went And once again I had to ask, "Why am I doing this"?

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SonjaB said...

I was very content to stay in the background and help you get through the day. Besides, I still got the pasta dinner and the after race beer, so why the hell run...