Saturday, May 3, 2008

5k day part 4

I was relieved the late crowd begin to filter in. They seemed a little more my "speed". Not the over achievers that ran 15 miles to be at the race that day, but the folks who rolled out of bed 10 minutes ago, and the reason they were there was on a dare presented over a few shots the night before. A large group with cameras and new shoes. People who probably saw the same numbers on the scale as I do every morning. Things were looking up I know I could hang with that group.

Time was moving forward and the advanced runners, the runners that were running for the prize money were moving forward as well. They crowded the start line with eager anticipation. I on the other hand went to the back of the group with the other, fun runners. I was happy to see quite a few people I could at least hang with. Seniors, fatter people then me, people with baby strollers. I was feeling great and relaxed to be people of my own kind.

The sun was up and it felt as if the day was going to be very hot. I was armed with my water bottle, my towel to catch the sweat before it ran into my eyes and my husbands IPOD. I check my shoes to be sure they were tied and realized my shoes were probably the same shoes I ran my last race in 8yrs before. They looked worn and dirty, but faithful. They still fit and they still had a little sole left on them. With a quick prayer and a cannon blast the race began.

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