Thursday, April 17, 2008

Typing to myself

Well I can tell my deep spiritual connection w/my peeps has gone over swimmingly. By all the responses to my last two blogs I can see this topic may not be blog worthy. Maybe perky and spiritual is not what the world is waiting for. Maybe self diesection is alittle to ....dull for the blog world. With the exception of my BFF and my Bff's mom I have lost my one other blogger Dave...(sniff, sniff..sob). Maybe the blogs need know comments. I think I will just picture all my readers in a peaceful bliss...zen in their homes after reading the spirtial journey blogs. Saying "Oh the world is wonderful, I love everyone, look at the pretty colors of the world"

My miracle today was
I got out of work early
the weather was perfect
and the day went fast, one day closer to the weekend

p.s. I want to say the dogs didn't get into the trash, but that miracle was yesterday(try not to repeat) and then did get into the trash.

1 comment:

Dave said...

I'm not gone, I visit everyday. But, I'm a guy and more importantly, not much of a miracle maven.

I'm still looking for a post on your profile careers.