Friday, April 18, 2008

Miracle of the day

As for my miracle today, some days are hard. Today my baby's were acting like baby's. I hate that, crying, pooping, not sleeping, whats up with that, totally out of character for my 4mth and 11mth old that make up my class. Usually they have a calm day eating, sleeping with an occasional (one an hour)diaper change required, no big deal. Not today my 11mth old would cling to my leg every time I would try to take care of the 4 mth old, as she attached herself to my leg she would gear up and create this wailing sound. It was loud enough that she had to muster the strenght to project this cry from the tiny tippy toe of her feet thought her tummy into the throat and out of her mouth. With that much preparation the noise can be very loud and after the 7Th time within an hour this can wear on you nerves just a little. It is always the incredibly cute ones that have the shrill in their voice, its Gods way of saving their little lives. My 4 mth old usually sleeps several times a day at least 1hour each time, today he wanted to sleep the same amount but in increments of 10 to 15 mins and was quite cross when he was awake and tired. So ones awake screaming while the other wants to sleep, but won't so he is screaming, you get the point. Challenges of the job, we all have them.

So my miracle today was I get an hour 1/2 lunch brk on Fridays and this allows me to go to the Gym (YMCA)which at 12:00 is pretty empty. With my pick of treadmills I can knock out a quick 2 mile run, divert some hostel energy and go back to work refreshed and calmer to deal with my two perfect little people. In my past life, in a corporate job, I would not have taken the time to do this, in fact most of the time I would work through lunch. Ahhhh life is good.

Tomorrow - 1000miles run no lbs lost


SonjaB said...

The way I see it, the miracle here is that you only have 2 in your class. Imagine if you had 6 or 10.

W said...

good point, but w/6wk's to 12mth olds the state only allows 4 per class. I think this is because you would have to be completly crazy to work in a room with more then four infants, and if your nuts should you really be around small children. Now the two year olds (the class I had for the past year) you can have 11 with one teacher....thats nuts. Kicking, screaming, biting and that was just me at the end of a long work week!