Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One a day

In a world of negative influences(newspapers, crime, recession talk) it is hard to think for miracles on a daily basis. When most of us think of miracles we think... Parting of the red sea, Immaculate conception, you know the biggies. In our busy day to day routines we lose focus on the moments of the day. We are so busy getting to the next thing we don't see any of the day. So try this for awhile. As you go through the day watch for miracles in your day. I guarantee they are there, again whomever or whatever you believe in works daily in your life. Karma, fate, or God (whatever you believe)works daily for us.

It maybe as small as the last piece of cake is still their when normally your husband would have eaten it for breakfast. It could be something unexpected makes you laugh out loud were normally you bearly smile. Look for them they are there in eveyones life ,every ones!

If you think life sucks, as you find a miracle a day jot them down for a few days and then go back and read them, you may find that you have had a great few days even when you thought you didn't. You might even find you will see more then one in a day.

Good Luck
Mine?....Well there were quite a few today,
1) My new Basset hounds did not get into the trash today(trust me this is miraculous)
2) I left for work late but got their on time
3) I am sitting in my living room by myself watching the t.v.show I want(husband,son and all dogs are sleeping, and it is not midnight.)
the list can go on but you get the point

Don't forget to count your blessings why looking for your miracle a day.


Dave said...

Is the glass half full or half empty?

I'm not sure about your thought of miracles, big or small. But, I do subscribe to the idea of taking life as you find it and making the best of it.

W said...

Dave your back, I just created a blog that mentioned you were MIA
I am glad to hear from you.