Saturday, April 12, 2008

Declaration of future blogs

I can see how a blog can become a venue for the expression of all things that are stupid and irrational in a persons world. I could vent daily on things that are just not right in the space of the world I live in, but over the past several weeks/months through varies forms of penetration to my brain and soul I have adopted and adapted the philosophy of what you speak is power. We all realize celebrity's, politicians,even professional athletes can influence what we except as the attitudes and trends of our society, that is not what I am writing about. I mean what you speak into your own personal life can affect where your future takes you. If all you say is I am so broke all the time then, you probably will be. If your mind is always telling you you are unable to do something, then you probably can't and won't. It became clear to me God was sending me a message when every Sunday service was about this topic, the T.V. Evangelist I watch from time to time, Joyce Meyers spoke on it for several weeks and Oprah has now done several weeks in a workshop generally taking about this topic. Joyce did a series and a book called Battlefield of the Mind, teaching this same concepts. Now you may say aren't you following the trends of society and celeb's, maybe, but I highly doubt it, this is something I believe is right for me and my family whether this is trendy or the in thing to promote. My BFF Sonja and I went to seminar, probably about 8years ago that had a general idea of this concept. The main technique I took from, and still apply is "Act as if". This concept is if you want a great job but find yourself in an O.K. job act as if you already have the dream job you want. I think the purpose for this is two fold. One, is why waste your life waiting to be happy, waiting for something. The second is speak what you want until it comes to be. Which brings me to the real reason for this topic. Words have power, it is even biblical, although I can't quote the scripture (if you want them let me know i will find my notes from church). I realize each and every person has their own beliefs, God, Buddha, whoever or none at all, but since this is my view i will stick with my belief of the higher power is God. Again I digress, the point is I hope to use this space as a positive view of the world I live in, and will work feverishly to blog with optimism, and positive energy. It is my nature to be somewhat sarcastic, and have a dry sense of humor, but this should not be confused with negativity. A blog is a platform for expression however the blogger See's fit. I do not condemn anyone for using their platform for bithcing or taking a stand on issues in which impact them in their world, in fact I love reading all the views and personalities of the bloggers. Freedom of speech,press, and expression is our given right in this country, but for me I suppose my blog will be fairly family friendly and some what "G" rated.



SonjaB said...

I would expect nothing less from you. You have always been one of the most positive people I have known and you have kept me grounded when I could have become much more cynical than I am. Your going to very well at this blogging thing.

That being said, I liked your other background better. It was funner and I think reflected your personality.


Sonja's Mom said...

Well, little Miss Sunshine- leave up to you and your BFF to make me feel guilty. I use my blog to yell at the world and relieve my frustrations.

All I can do is promise not to yell to loud.

Love ya - kiss that baby for me.

W said...

thank you and thank you!
I agree about the page design, I want to change it back soon. I was going for a more mature look for a enlightened blog...yeh I will chaNGE IT BACK

W said...

Sonja's mom
I love your blog I always laugh about your humor with sincerity.
blp says hi!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

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