Thursday, April 3, 2008


As I have mentioned in a previous blog technology is not my forte, my husband and 5 year old son, on the other hand are quite techy. My husband also always wants to help which means he sits and watches me for a few minutes, then becomes a bit antsy and ask if he can help, which then inturn turns into me watching him as he tries desperately to explain what he is doing in terms I understand, and then I become bored and walk away and he will spend the next few hours completing what i was working on.

So now with that statement I must mention this whole blog thing is a little overwhelming. I have spent the last few evenings trying to figure out how to list blogs i view on the side of the main page. I see them on other blogs(and often use them) but can't quite get them on my page. The second issue I am facing is how to respond back to people who have responded to my blog. Interestingly enough I received a comment from someone who was not my best friend, my best friends mother,or someone who was sent to my blog by my best friend... and I wanted to respond to her the only way I could figure out to respond was on my own comments page, is that right.!?
As i have begun to venture out in to the blog world I have also discovered...!!! BLOG AWARDS!!!
I am truly not worthy. Who knew that this mecca of wordum is monitored by worthy talented folk that will give you praise and accolades for blah blahblahing on your Blog. I want one, so now this once simple occasional nonchalant way to visit with my bff sonja has become a bit of an obsession. Is their Blogger anonymous, or is it Blogger non - anonymous since most people blogging are already sort of anonymous, I mean they aren't really handing out their phone number and ss# on the main page of the blog site.

Where would the meetings be, would we all just have to log on like the big Oprah Monday night class(it is discussing her Book Club book "A New Earth)(which by the way I have read,enjoyed and recommend to people looking for an enlighten path. I will save this topic for another blog) or would we all meet at the local Denny's and discuss how it all started so innocently, just writing every few days, not caring if anyone read your blog, to rushing home from work everyday some times on your lunch break to see if anyone has responded to your most recent post. Keeping notes through out the day on what topic you are going to write about next. Continuously looking at the blogs of others that have won the Blog awards, thinking,"oh sure that was clever, did they really think that up or is someone coaching them". Laying awake at night rehearsing your excceptance speech for the awards ceremony...I wonder if their is an award ceremony and if there is OH MY GOSH WHAT WOULD I WEAR? Now not only do I worry about the next big topic to write about, the speech, but what will I wear that will make me look 25lbs lighter then I really am. WOW, maybe I should start a support group for the families left behind by the blogger. Children left at school because mom forgot to pick them up, Husbands folding the laundry because their wives are to busy blogging to do house hold chores(OK this is really happening in my house at this very moment) and at the meeting someone would notice one of the members was in the bathroom way to long, and when another would go to look for him they would find him huddled in the corner with his lap top entering his latest creation to his blog site, weeping, saying "its to hard its just to hard to quit". Another one falls off the wagon. Very sad!

So as you can see its out of control and can be overwhelming!

On a lighter note I have discovered the spell chk key and use it most of the time effectively
I wonder if their is an award for rookie blogger of the year! Most improved new blogger or most words typed. One can only hope.



Sonja's Mom said...

Take a deep breath in through your nose and let it out through your mouth. Feel better? Thought so.

SonjaB said...

Oh my stars!! First off, to comment to those who comment to you, you just do another comment on your site. (did that make sense?) Secondly, I can teach you how to do the blog list, but probably should be face to face or on the phone. Or if you want to email me your user name and password I can do it for you. That's how mom's got done.

Beyond that, like mom said breathe. Eventually you'll run out of things to say and get to see your family again. Yea right....

Dave said...

Fold laundry?

W said...

sonja's mom

just as I gain control I think about the awards......
breath in out in out...o.k I better

W said...


so what I am getting is that I am responding correctly. As far as the emailing stuff that is a BIT difficult these days. Again technology rears is't ugly head. We have changed from bright house to verizon and when we decided to do this the sales person assured us tht a system would be in place to automaticly transfer are incoming mail to our new email address, so i would not have to change over my exsisting outlook account which is where all my address for outgoing mail live. But thus far, to date this system in not functioning correctly so i am not getting incoming mail and am not able to access my address book to send out going mail. In the scheme of things I am still simplfing my life, like it or not. I would love to plan a bike ride over to the otherside of the world in the next few weeks maybe we could get together and work on it. When is graduation?

W said...

I am not quite sure if the ? was what is laundry,because when you wear clothing more then once you just then disgaurd it an purchase new(bachlor?) or just that my husband is taking part in depleting the mt of clean laundry that has overtaken our bedroom. I think just necessity was probably the reason, he was out of underwear, but he is very helpful around the house. He is great.

SonjaB said...

graduation is July 13

Dave said...

Laundry, when it comes out of the dryer is splayed carefully on the top of the dryer, except for dress shirts. Those are hung.

W said...

ahhhh.. i see dave, laundry savey