Saturday, March 29, 2008

To take a basset to lunch

o.k. lets get something clear you should probably not take a basset to lunch, most people may not have a great appreciation for the breed and may not understand the flinging of the slobber.

So that being said I would like to give you a few helpful hints if you find yourself dinning with a basset in your home.

1) Always keep your eyes on your plate

2) Don't fall for the sad droopy eyes, they always look sad but that is just part of their act.

3) Never leave you plate unattended!

4) If they tell you, all they want is just one bite and then he/she will go to their own spot to eat their dog food, don't fall for it. They want yours and theirs.

5) No location is safe to put your plate if you have to step away to get something, they are very slinky dogs, very stretchy ddddooogggsss.

6) Have I mentioned, keep your eye on your plate.

7) If you happen to be having lunch w/a basset and he/she dozes off, do not believe it and leave your plate unattended, it could be a trick. When you return and your plate is lick clean and the basset appears to still be napping, this also could be a clever trick.

8) Make sure you have a napkin. drool is going to happen.

9) Although dogs are mans best friend don't get carried away and think your furry friend is there just for companionship. Food could be the driving force that moves them from their nap to except your invite to lunch with you.

10) And last but not least, if you haven't yet grasp this point(it bears repeating)your basset buddy loves you very much but, DO NOT TAKE YOUR EYES OR HANDS OFF YOUR PLATE, DO NOT GET UP FROM THE TABLE AND LEAVE YOUR DEFENSELESS DINNER ALONE WITH HIM. If you do this you may find yourself sitting at the table with an empty plate and an empty tummy and an empty spot where your lunch guest was, but now he has gone to the couch to relax as if he has just complete a huge ThanksGiving dinner.

Just a few tips that you may use if you find yourself at lunch with a basset. Please note these tips are offered to you by my personal life exp.

P.s. love the save now button
P.s. I am trying to respond to my other blogger friends but seem to have lost my mind and ability to do this. I will recover and be adding comments to your blogs soon. Yes still a rookie!


Sonja's Mom said...

At least Basset's are short. My granddog was here this weekend. Although he is still a puppy, he is taller than I am when he decides to jump up to kiss you. He is a Boxer and a very loving one at that. He will also eat your food if you don't watch him. I think most dogs will do that.

Janet said...

I love it! You've nailed spending a meal with a basset hound to a 'T'!

Janet Dean
Owned by Basset Hounds Jackie, Kim, Kelly and Opie (and the cat, Lincoln, too!)

Dave said...

It isn't just dogs. There are humans that believe in univited sharing.

W said...

so glad you found my blog and relate to the unique relationship of basset and human.

W said...

dave.... I know I find myself doing this. my pets must be rubbing off on me!