Monday, March 24, 2008

roses are red
violets are blue
Im writing this short poem
Just for you!

the day is late
the night is new
here are a few words
for you to view.

although i thought i would not like to blog
i am finding it helps clear the fog
my brain works daily on formula and spu
typing a blog makes each day new.

for now I will close with a few thoughts in my head
never besure of what you won't like or might dread
for you could be wrong and love things you never thought
for now i am a blogger, in this web world i have been caught.

until we meet again


Sonja's Mom said...

Who knew you were a poet? Not bad I must say. Sonja's Dad will be proud as he is a poet also.

SonjaB said...

Very good. I knew you would be great at this. Your personality is very blog friendly.