Saturday, March 22, 2008

how terribly sad
I just had a great(long ) blog and some how
deleted it before it was posted

I hate technology
I am going to clean my house now
What a rookie mistake, maybe i will
attempted later !!

Oh look on the post page
on the bottom i see a save now button\
I wonder what that will do?????????


Sonja's Mom said...

Welcome Wendy-- I know just what you mean. M and I are trying to set mine up now, and it's not going so well. Give that baby a kiss for me.

SonjaB said...

Check your edit posts. It may have automatically saved.

Dave said...

Or, compose in Word. Copy. Paste. That way if Blogger eats it, you have the original.

Sonja's Mom, you're starting your own blog?

OK! What's pissing you off this week?

W said...
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