Thursday, October 29, 2009

Processed food

So I am trying to not eat processed food. So you ask what is processed food? Everything. Everything with preservatives or chemicals. Unfortunatly the way our food is packaged and presented in the grocery is all for show. It is to give it longer life, shelf life that is. Now all those things in our food to make it last longer are ganging up on our immune systems, or hormones and our organs and causing us to have a shorter life. I know I know you will now tell me the life spand of Americans has increase steadly over the years. But so has the rate of caner, Heart failure in women, and alzhiemers.

So in order to try and get a metabolisim again I grabbed a book about getting back to basiscs. One, eat things that are grown from the ground, Two, eat things that have had a mother...mooo, cluck, oing! But dont buy packaged stuff that has added preservitaives and other yucky stuff.


Jenks said...

moo, cluck, it!

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