Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!

So not my favorite holiday, and really not my sons favorite holiday. When he was three some idiot jumped out at him when he went to the door for candy. Since then he know longer cares to go door to door. Which this was never a problem because our Church did a Hallaluha(sp) harvest event. We like that fun, nothing scary, bounce house, games....all good.

Well another victim of the economy, we are not having it this year. Insurance issues, funding, whatever, we are not having this festival. So, I gave B a few choices, we could go early for trick or treating so no scary stuff. He was not fond of that idea. The suspense is to great for him, you have to ring someones doorbell, whom you don't know and then except food, from again a stranger.

I don't blame him one bit for a week I have been telling him and reviewing the stranger danger speech. With the most resent abduction in Jacksonville I felt this discussion was one worth repeating. So with that being said I am going to tell him go to a lot of peoples houses, strangers houses and take candy.....!

Halloween use to be fun, and children use to be able to walk home from school with out fear of being murdered and taken to the land fill.

Sorry, got a little grime for a moment, but, back to the story, after a few more suggestions, trick or treating in Grandma's over 100 year old(the residence) community...probably not to scary, or just to peoples houses we know he has opted out. And I am okay with that. They are having a big party at school complete with a dress up character parade. He is excited about passing out candy and his dad is excited about eating it. So their, I think we will have fun none the less.

Happy Halloween to all!

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