Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I know I know!!!!!

I am the blog police, so whenever I see someone not blogging for a long time I am sure to let them know.

So as Sonja has reminded me I have not blogged in forever. It is not I don't have anything to blog about, I have just fallen into that trap of busy.

Really probably one part busy and one part lazy. I have been on a baking binge and have baked about 15 loafs of banana bread for church, the neighbors, us!

It all started when some bananas went bad, not willing to waste food I hunted a recipe from the Internet and made banana bread out of them. It saved me money because we always want something sweet around to snack on so I have been baking cookies, and banana bread for our treats.

I have found facebook, and have a face book page. Not that I like it I think blogger is much easier and I understand it better, but my nephew who lives in SC and my niece who spends 1/2 the year in the US and the other in England both have pages and I had to have a page to be a friend on their page. AHHHHH thats how it all starts and then it all goes horribly bad. I will be rushing every 1/2 hour or so to see if anyone has added me as a friend! I will be depressed when I don't have any friends! Oh I can see this just turning ugly. I really only wanted the page so I could see my nephews pictures from England and his spring break. He and his family went to Spain and Africa(always wanted to go their)some spring break hah!.

Well, a real blog should be coming soon, hopefully! want to tell you about my next volunteer adventure and their back. More on that later.


SonjaB said...

I was happy with just two facebook friends, not I have like 50.

Wendy said...

how does that happen.?

SonjaB said...

Everybody from my HS is now on facebook. Its like a mini class reunion

Wendy said...


Dave said...

I'm not joining Facebook so you just have to post here. And Sonja giving you a hard time about not posting?

Wendy said...

Face book is not for everyone, I still like my blog. I have just figured this out, I lead a simple life fb is fun but a bit to complicated, currently.