Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Walk....no running!

With my recent diagnosis/non diagnosis my Dr. has recommend I do not run. So basically I have been benched from running. Not cleared for physical activity, nothing . nada zero......!!!You get the point. this in fact a bit disturbing I was starting to train for a 9 mile run for March a few races in the summer a bunch of 5k's and then back to a 1/2 Marathon in January. All, not just for me by my niece has found a new appreciation for running. I was excited, It is something I could help her with and share my experiences with her and get to spend some great fun time with her.

So when I was told no running of course I was not thrilled, But I was not really aware of how much of a disappointment it would be. My niece and my husband have been picking races to prepare them for the 15k in March and on Saturday was one of the races we had all picked to run to keep us motivated to train for the 15k.

It was the 4 mile Sarasota Ringling Bridge run. Today was the first day I was the coach and not a runner. I must say I was not a great coach this will take some practice, pre-planning and skill. A race coach is the person that plans the arrival of the event, the coordination of package pick-up, the support while the runners are running and secure the meeting place at the end of the race.

We arrived fine(it helps Shawn grew up in Sarasota an knows his way around town.) My niece and husband were on the starting line, with numbers on and ready to go when the horn went off. A slow start, because of the 2000 runners who were in line before them. But off they went. I ran along a short time, and cut a few corners to catch up with them after a few turns, but as I resigned to the fact I was not a participant in this race and my job was done for now I became very sad.

As I watched them run out of sight I turned back to walk to the start line to gather some water for them, I had to fight back the tears. I wanted to run, I wanted to be a part of this. This will be the first 5k ever that I was at that I did not run, and finish.

I walked back to the start/finish line grabbed a few bottles of water and headed back out to the course. This run was a little different from any run my niece and husband had done before. For one, it was a longer distance. Two, this race went over a very large bridge. The bridge was a steady gradual incline for about a mile, twice(up and back). We picked this run because on a smaller scale it simulated the 15k run in Jacksonville we were going to do in March.

I knew probably the race organizers would only have one water station. With the incline, the additional distance and the increasing mercury of the thermometer my team would need more water on the course then they were going to get.

With water in hand I started to walk the course about a 1/2 mile in it became very apparent on why I should not be running. As I continued passed mile marker one my back and side began hurt, I became a little light headed and tired.

My Doctor has sent me to a Urologist whom the earliest I can see him is in march so for now I will take her advice and keep my distance running/walking to a minimum. I am not cleared to participate.

As for my racers they were glad to see the bottles of water to help them get to the end. And to the end they were, before me. They both did great and I was very proud of them.

As for me I will begin training on how to be a great coach for the big race in Jacksonville(15k). I think the only solution to the issue of me being able to be on the course for my team is to take my bike and pedal around to help them.

When life gives you cyst and stones make Lemonade, wait that's not right. Make kidney bean and stone soup.... ahh I don't think that is good either. Oh well you get the picture I will prevail.


SonjaB said...

I can give you tip on being the coach if you like. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Wendy said...

I will take all the advice I can get! you were the best,except for the unfortunate mishap in Naples

SonjaB said...

Hey the pancakes called to me. I can't help it if I'm insane and the pancakes talked to me.

Jenks said...

I'm sure you'll get the coaching thing down...remember you're just driven like that.
I must say I'm intrigued by the talking pancakes.

Wendy said...

Ahh yes the pull of a good pancake can turn any great coach into an absentee coach.