Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It is what it is!

Whether you voted for him of not you can not doubt Pres. Obama has created a massive spectacle of the inauguration. Now, you may think I am being negative, in fact I am not. I feel for this young man, the economic state of our country, our military scattered all over the world, and people in our own country that cant pay for medication or basic daily food needs, will give him so much to create and correct. It is almost unfair to expect One man to create so much change.

What I will say is America has jumped on the band wagon and not since 911 have I felt a sense of pride and patriotism in and for our Country.

I do give credit to our new Pres. for pushing the "Volunteer" card. EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE has something to give to some one less fortunate . It does not mean you have to go to the inner city soup kitchen,but maybe help the elderly neighbor with his/her trash on a cold winter day.

This concept is not new, but renewed and well needed. I give credit to the new Pres. for the sense of unity he has created, but lets not be fooled he is only as good as the rest of the political process and great change is difficult.

Good luck Mr President !


Dave said...

And, he's going to need a lot of help. I hope he gets it.

Wendy said...

Dave, Amen