Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cysts and Stones, but no broken bones

I refuse to be old before my time by my body is fighting with me a great deal. It is the true revelation of I am not 22 anymore,my body is not even acting 32 anymore. 44, that is the number the calender says, 65 is what the body says and 25 is what the brain says.

I will be purchasing Robyn Magraws new book," Whats age got to do with it". A book to assist women with the aging process spiritually and physically.

Several months ago I looked in the mirror and with a slight twist to the right I glanced at my shoulder and saw a large lump. A bit concerned I went to the Dr. and after several test was diagnosed with a bi-nine fatty tumor, not serous. Something we will monitor and surgically remove if it changes shape or size.

O.K. moving on, Just before Xmas I began to feel very fatigued and started having pain in my back and groin area on my right side. Something I ignored through the holidays expecting it was just the hustle of the season. Jan. came and I found my self not being able to get through a normal day of running errands and house cleaning with out laying down for an hour to alleviate the pain and fatigue.

In the past I have been blessed, plagued, frequented, whatever you would like to say by kidney stones. In fact when I lived with Sonja I underwent to surgeries to blast the little buggers to teeny tiny little stones which were palatable for my kidney to then rid themselves of. By the way, one of the most painful things I have experienced including child birth. So when I felt the familiar nudge in my side I was sure a few of my kidney stones were back....... So off to the Doctor I went. With a test she determined some blood in places blood not suppose to be warrented a CT scan, so a CT scan it was.

Today I got to hear the results of the CT scan. As my Dr. read the results she seemed surprised and a little stunned. My urologists in the past use to kid that I did not have Kidney stones, I had kidney boulders.

Much as I suspected the ct scan brought to light kidney stones, a lot of kidney stones, and quite a few Large stones, not just in the right kidney where I am having pain but in my left kidney as well. For some reason my body does not feel the need to get rid of them. They are not blocking anything, everything is coming out that is suppose to, so they stay.

Tomorrow part 2 Of Cysts and Stone, But hey no broken bones!


Dave said...

Get well and be well.

SonjaB said...

Its hell getting old

Wendy said...

Please sonja, you are still a babe
your kidney's have not turned on you yet......!

Jenks said... surgery or no surgery or do I have to wait for pt 2 to find out?