Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ahhhh Yes the day is upon us

I decided to leave the title on the top photo the same.

With in the next few weeks the sound of massive engines will be yet again on the track of Daytona International Speedway.

A sound I long for in the two months "off season" nascar imposes on the fans.

One of my saddest days is in November when the checkered flag falls on the race track in Homestead, indicating the final race of the season is complete. All thought I am sure the drivers and teams are glad the grueling 30ish race season is over for a short time.

It has been a tradition for the last two years to head over to the race and oogle over the speticals of cute drivers fast cars, the spectacle of people from all over the country converging on the small town of Daytona to watch the kick off to the nascar season, and the spectacle of some drunk women sitting on a fence showing her tattoo on her butt to Dale Jr. What a fan. Ahhh yes the good old times of racing, unfortunately due to major reconstruction, self imposed unemployment and no overtime for my hubby I will be watching the big day from my couch. At least it will be in my newly painted living room.

I sure will miss the drunk red necks with Kasey Kane bathing suits and swimming pools in the infield, but maybe I can get the neighbors to have a few to many beers, this always provides some good old times in the old town of z-hills

Yee - haa

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Jenks said...

I just got a mental picture of one of your neighbors sitting in a kiddie pool in your yard wearing a bathing could've done with out that :o)