Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Updating again

Well the construction continues.
we have furniture in the bulk of the house and out of the garage!
computer still sucks but I hear rumor of a new one coming from my mom for my B-day
(very nice of her and I am very thankful)(sorta wanted a lap top)(but this will probably work our better anyway)
44 today that is very weird I am old but still young compared to most of my neighbors!

Hope all of you in blog world are o.k, with any luck I will be up and running sometime in the next two weeks with the new pc and a completely renovated house!!!!!!
God Bless


Wendy said...

Hey Sonja,
can you make this picture smaller on the title part?
Thanks web goddess

SonjaB said...

Happy Birthday to you....

SonjaB said...

Maybe I could, but I lost your password. Email me when you get a chance

Sonja's Mom said...

Happy Birthday pretty lady. Miss you and yours.