Friday, November 14, 2008


Just an update. The house is progressing ever so slowly.
We are close to taking all the furniture, including the broken computer out of the garage. The hold up is the completion of the tile.

Being as we are putting in the tile with the help of a friend we are kinda at the mercy of his schedule. He is a tile person by trade which is construction. Construction worker are a breed of their own. They work when the want to or basically when they need the money. We are getting a huge discount so I am not complaining I will wait as long as it take to complete this project. It is about 85 % done. WE think we will grout this weekend in at least one room, so we will be able to move in furniture with in a few days to at least that one room.

Slowly but surly we are finishing up a few things.

Hopefully we will have our computer back soon and I will start posting pictures.


Dave said...

Thanks for checking in with us.

Wendy said...

I know I have been bloglazy this past few weeks. I hope to be able to communicate reg. soon.

Thanks for the shout Dave.

Dave said...

We are now three weeks after my "shout," and two after your response. Time to write.

Wendy said...

true dave true