Friday, October 3, 2008

Still not working

After a week of nights at the computer it still is not working. My husband is very dedicated to fixing it, but we will see.

If it is not fixed by next week we may have to call in a professional(thanks Jenks I will get with you to get the name!) If we have to call in a professional my computer will probably be down another week or so. Which means I am still going to be blogging from the library!

If this is the case next week I will have to move on to another topic and return to the VA trip once the computer is not sick any more, darn virus. Actually this could be a good thing I still need to blog about the Jamaica trip, in which I don't have pictures, but do have lots of good stories.


Jenks said...

yay! I finally get to hear about the Jamaica trip :o)

sorry to hear the computer is still sick

SonjaB said...

Hope it gets fixed for you.