Tuesday, October 7, 2008

State of the computer

Well folks here is the last week in a nutshell

computer: still under the weather.
still blogging from the Library, which means i have a small window of time on the computer, which means I am blogging stories slowly hopefully to be posted soon.

Weight: bad week no comment. But Go Ms Jenks who is chopping her weight down by leaps and bounds and will soon be sporting a bikini!

Construction: Slow, and slow. The workers arrive at 10 ish work till 11ish, go to lunch until 2ish and leave at 4:30ish. We are on week three(blog with pictures coming soon) and 1/2 a room is finished. They were suppose to start my kitchen today, we will see. Construction is hard for me I am not a great hurry up and wait kinda gal and this pace is a bit tortoise like for me. Cement floors and dust are fast becoming a state of affairs in our home.

So thats it for now, signing off for now from the Puplic Library, my new home!



Jenks said...

Well if you're ever up at the library by my work let me know, we can hit up the gym for 30 minutes after you blog :o)
Stress eating sucks, you didn't mention it but I'm sure it's happening...try grapes or baby carrots instead (this coming from someone who was just about bathing in chocolate last week).

Wendy said...

thanks for the support, all great advice.