Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We finally Meet the Man

waiting in line for our autograph.

B getting his autograph

Jeff spoke about his season and upcoming plans for the team. He answered a few preselected questions from the fans. At this time it was autographing time. One by one we were released from the tables to get our stuff signed. With the signing a photographer took our pictures with Jeff. One by one each and every person went on stage and received the coveted Jeff signature and authenticity hologram sticker. I love that B has never been star struck. When it was his turn he marched up the stairs and right over to Jeff. Jeff has met B once before(not that he remembered) but both times has take the time to speak with him. This time it was about his Halloween bucket( Brock's not Jeff's) he was having signed.

Next was Shawn's turn. My husband is a self proclaimed hermit. He claims he is not a people person, and he does not care to socialize in any capacity with most people.(their are a select few he does like.) So he would like us all to believe he just came to the event because I made him. But, I think he enjoyed himself. He didn't want to shake JG's hand because he( Shawn) had been so sick, he didn't want to give him germs.

That would be great the next race JG wouldn't drive because he was very ill with a cold. Over 500 consecutive starts ruined by us!

Next was my turn, of course I babbled on about what a great role model he had been to us in the July race and how my son thought he was cool, and of course he graciously smiled, tried to take it all in and then signed my item. Since we already had two items signed by Jeff I offered to get an item signed for the lady sitting next to me. She wanted to take something home with her for a friend of hers.

Once the signing was complete JG said a few more words and was off to the track. In closing a big bag of goodies was given to each attendee and the event was over. What fun! In the bag were samples from about every sponsor JG ever had. from Bounty paper towels to Halston cologne for men( that smells yummy). B was exhausted and Shawn's Dayquil had worn of a few hours before. We piled back in the car and headed back to the hotel.

Shawn and B slept the rest of the way back(after a quick stop at a store for road supplies...NyQuil for dad and a banana for B) It was peaceful and I enjoyed the drive back. Both boys needed to sleep.

It was a tough decision to take this trip. We have begun a home remodel, I have quite my job and, as we all know, the economy in not good. We could have saved this money. But as I drove back to the hotel that evening I knew the choice to come was the right one. This trip, although B may not know it for years, was a perfect gift to him.

It was only day two could this trip get any better?


SonjaB said...

Did you get the professional picture? What a great thing for B.

Jenks said...

Ok, I have nothing since I cheated and already saw these pictures....but I wanted to let you know that I did stop by.

Good Luck with the other thing and I'm still waiting for Jamaica :o)

Wendy said...

Yes we will be getting a few of the pic from that event with JG, once we have them I will post.