Tuesday, September 23, 2008

VA - Richmond - Jeff Gordon

Now I thought we were big fans but, we were put to shame by the people we encountered. When we arrived we were let into a large ballroom with 15 to 20ish large nicely decorated round tables with 10ish chairs at each. The real die hart fans were in the front of the line so as to get to the very front table closest to the stage.

We were very happy with a table in the back of the room. The people we met were all very nice and all had stories on how and why they were there. All of us were from out of state, some drove all night to be there. We all had some great JG story to share over wonderful hoeduves. As we looked around the parking lot when we arrived and then around the room we realized if we were going to be real fans we needed to step it up a notch when we got home.

Here is A list of things REAL JG Fans have that we don't

1. A fancy JG license plate for the front of your car.
2. A custom state licence plate that reflects something like JG24#1

(you could bring on item per person to have JG sign) Real fans brought
3. A tire off his actual car from a previous race
4. The hood off his actual car from a previous race( he was questioned on how he got that item)
5. Clay statues that were hand made by person attending the event
6. # 24 tattoos
7. #24 pajama bottoms with a #24 hat and a non-matching #24 shirt
8. Photo's of themselves chasing JG in the parking lot of a race
9. A rookie trading card from JG's first cup race(that was cool)
10. Yes this is the best, A DuPont blue Chevy Monte Carlo(real car)(the type of car JG drives in the races) With JG stuff all over it. These people are real fans.....I am not worthy! I drive a Dodge.

None the less we did have a lot of JG stuff. I wanted B to enter into the best dress contest so I brought a minasery of items to add to the costume. He opted out of the contest but one of the games was who brought the most JG stuff....WELL!!!!!

I grabbed my back pack full of t-shirts, toy cars, Halloween buckets, teddy bears, and yes Toothbrushes... and when the dust had cleared I was proclaimed the winner of the person whom brought the most JG items.
Ha! don't tell me we are not fans!!!We had 24 items to be precise, and that little ditty won us a really cool new #24 Kitchen mitt and apron.
A retail cost of $24.00( I don't know I just made that up)
free to the crazy women in the back row. .....Yeahhhhhhh!.

The hotel was very nice, the food was good and fun. Everything from fancy veggie bowls to root beer floats, and the M.C was very entertaining. After about an hour of mingling the word came the guest of honor was here and with out delay Mr. Jeff Gordon entered the room to 250 exuberant gitty fans.

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Jenks said...

Ok, it's really funny that you won for having 24 items