Thursday, May 15, 2008

dove awards

no choir robes except for wynonna Judd(bath robe)
as good as mainstream

The Dove awards are not an award for chocolates or for birds but recognitions of Christian music business. My husband and I listen to the Christian music station Joy FM. We find it to be very family friendly and inspiring though the day. So when the Dove awards came on T,V. we wanted to watch.

It was very entertaining, as entertaining as any awards show, if you like that sort of thing, but we noticed a few differences from other music awards ceremonies. What were they you say! Glad you ask because I am going to tell you.

Clothes - mainstream awards shows you see more skin and tighter clothes then on Miami beach. On the Dove awards all of the clothes were bigger and baggier. As for the women on the Dove awards most of them were bigger as well. Maybe because religious people look deeper into the artist then the cosmetic appearance.
I expected to see alot of choir robes on the Dove broadcast, but the only one I say in a very bathrobe looking outfit was Wynnona Judd, not a regular Christina music singer.

THE SPEECHES - On mainstream awards shows the speeches can be confusing, babbling and sometimes often the grandstand for a personal political view. Some awards shows allow the rude, drunkenness to be viewed by all, and of course also no matter what the performer said in his or her speech before, they always thank God! It is questionable of the sincerity of the statement. Sometimes I think they are saying it because it' s a quick way to say ,"Yes of course I drink, smoke, party all the time, swear and definitely believe in God, I'm so rounded". At the Dove awards the speeches obviously were void of profanity, the recipients did not appear to be high on anything but life and the assumption of God was a given.

The entertainers were humble but were individual. From rap to country, to rock and roll Christian music is becoming more appealing for whatever type music you like. The Dove awards were a bit more old fashion with a modern look. We liked them. It would be great if the major viewing audience would be more excited about this type of award show then the ones that promote very skinny, over paid, drug addicted, maybe sorta talented teenagers. Wow maybe the world could be a little better place.

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