Monday, April 28, 2008

Notes from my 5 year old, part 2

A few weeks ago as we were driving from church we rolled down the windows in our truck. It was spring in Fl. you know that one week in between April and ...April.
The wild flowers were blooming and the air was cool but not cold. As we were diving my son took a deep breath and replied,

"Mom, smell the world it's beautiful!"

I think of this every time I am out on my Harley, smell the world
So every once and a while you have to stop and smell the world, BLP said so.

DISCLAIMER: I can't always promise the world will smell beautiful, sniff at your own risk. (What is that smell)


SonjaB said...

My world smelled like hamburgers at one point today.

Dave said...

The world as sampled in the city, is best smelled at about seven in the morning; and, it is best accompanied by birds.

Wendy said...

ahhhh! stop and smell the world what a great concept. very food driven bloggers