Sunday, April 27, 2008

Last one in Bed

Can you get a bigger bed then a King?
The last several nights I have been the last one to go to bed.
Lately I have struggled to claim a spot in my bed, much less anywhere near my
husband. It appears our four legged children have realized if they arrive(in the bed) before me they are able to stretch out and claim thier realestate. They have also learned I am the more leniant and will not disturbe them. They are so precious when they are sleeping. Our male basset is 5 feet long from his tail to his nose, the female probably about 4 feet long and our little mixed breed, well we won't count him he rolls up in a little ball. The bassets find it quite relaxing to fully stretch out usually horizontally from our pillows. This creats a lot of big lumpy spots if you try to lay the correct way. My husband has no problem moving them, no guilt. When they look at him with thier big floopy ears, and sad brown eyes, he can successfully slide into his spot on the bed with no guilt. Not me I feel as if they will be uncomfortable or be misplaced for the rest of the evening. I think the MOM in me kicks in and just wants all of her family to be happy. "Oh know, I will be fine curled up at the end of the bed," "NO NO, I don't need a blanket this small towel will due, you all just rest, I'll be fine".


SonjaB said...

Have we learning nothing from our past basset experiences?

Maybe you should shut the door after husband goes to bed (with the animals outside), then run to beat them to the room when it's your turn to go.

Wendy said...

good thought, Daisy will cry but if I give her a cookie she will be o.k.

Sonja's Mom said...

Thats why I had a cat - they don't take up much room at all and are warm is the winter.