Thursday, October 29, 2009

Processed food

So I am trying to not eat processed food. So you ask what is processed food? Everything. Everything with preservatives or chemicals. Unfortunatly the way our food is packaged and presented in the grocery is all for show. It is to give it longer life, shelf life that is. Now all those things in our food to make it last longer are ganging up on our immune systems, or hormones and our organs and causing us to have a shorter life. I know I know you will now tell me the life spand of Americans has increase steadly over the years. But so has the rate of caner, Heart failure in women, and alzhiemers.

So in order to try and get a metabolisim again I grabbed a book about getting back to basiscs. One, eat things that are grown from the ground, Two, eat things that have had a mother...mooo, cluck, oing! But dont buy packaged stuff that has added preservitaives and other yucky stuff.

Happy Halloween!

So not my favorite holiday, and really not my sons favorite holiday. When he was three some idiot jumped out at him when he went to the door for candy. Since then he know longer cares to go door to door. Which this was never a problem because our Church did a Hallaluha(sp) harvest event. We like that fun, nothing scary, bounce house, games....all good.

Well another victim of the economy, we are not having it this year. Insurance issues, funding, whatever, we are not having this festival. So, I gave B a few choices, we could go early for trick or treating so no scary stuff. He was not fond of that idea. The suspense is to great for him, you have to ring someones doorbell, whom you don't know and then except food, from again a stranger.

I don't blame him one bit for a week I have been telling him and reviewing the stranger danger speech. With the most resent abduction in Jacksonville I felt this discussion was one worth repeating. So with that being said I am going to tell him go to a lot of peoples houses, strangers houses and take candy.....!

Halloween use to be fun, and children use to be able to walk home from school with out fear of being murdered and taken to the land fill.

Sorry, got a little grime for a moment, but, back to the story, after a few more suggestions, trick or treating in Grandma's over 100 year old(the residence) community...probably not to scary, or just to peoples houses we know he has opted out. And I am okay with that. They are having a big party at school complete with a dress up character parade. He is excited about passing out candy and his dad is excited about eating it. So their, I think we will have fun none the less.

Happy Halloween to all!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Really, has it been that long!

Wow, I was reminded I had a blog yesterday so I thought I might come out at visit it and maybe send out a note or two....I can't believe the last time I Blogged was in July. Sorry the Facebook addiction is intense....

I have been thinking about blogging lately, I have longer stories to tell, that does not work on FB.

will be typing up a few soon.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bike part 3

With a little hesitation he agreed he would walk his bike up to the top of third obstacle and ride down adding it to the other two ramps he already knew he could do. With each trip around the course he would add speed and bravery, and just as he had done in the pool, he pushed to the next level.

Each obstacle he decided to add was taller and more difficult, by this time his confidence was in the level of dangerous. He could do anything. As he raced around the track we never new which ramp he might try next. Finally he was brave enough to take the biggest ramp, we pushed his bike to the top of the 5ft plus ramp and as every good parent would do...shoved his bike down the other side(yes with him on it). Away he went down the ramp up the next ramp continuing though the course. As he built speed he headed back to the steep ramp, Shawn stood at the top an I stood at the bottom to catch him in the event of failure. As he raced toward the ramp he peddled with all he had, and with ample speed took the ramp with determination and resolution for complete success. AS his new red bike raced up the ramp with only his face was beaming.

I fought back the tears( i know a little dramatic but true)Shawn, whom at the beginning of the day all but called him a chicken was also beaming. Oh my goshs it was a family moment. We worked as a team, we had a goal and with patience and resolve we pushed past a giant hurdle. Really, we were just their, B work very hard at mentally over coming his fear and physically pushing to a limit he had never pushed before. B rode his bike in the heat of the day for four hours, up and down the ramps. I was so proud of all of us, we learned so much, Dad learned his son learns at his own pace and if not pushed he will accomplish the goal in his own time, B learned he can do anything he sets his mind to with a little work and time and I learned, first they need me to coach both of them and second their are rewarding moments in being a mom!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bike Adventure (part2)

So, we decided to take the truck. We put the bikes in the back of the truck and were off to the ramps. When we arrived a small amt of doubt crept into B's mind. My husband with great excitement pointed to the first ramp and as the day began B did not want anything to do with it. And as the day began my husband became frustrated and again I interceded, calmed everyone down(because at this point B was about to cry and Shawn in his best dad mad voice was saying "Fine,get in the truck we going home!".

With a quick breather and a private moment with B I was able to convince him to just enter the park and ride around in circles. Not take any of the ramps, just ride. This was okay, and he felt comfortable with doing this.

On the course were a few bigger boys(late teens) who were very kind to avoid running B over and allowing him his turn on the track. We did this for about an hour. In this hour I started to see B relax, his speed increased and his comfort level sored, after all it was just riding in circles.

Once I knew he was open to going just a little further in this adventure I ask if he wanted to start at the top of a small ramp and just ride down. I would walk his bike up and he could ride down. Okay, he was fine with that. So that is what we did for about another 30 mins.

The weird thing about B is out of the blue when he is learning something he will build up some courage and just take whatever he is doing to the next level. A few weeks ago, while swimming at my sisters pool he decided he wanted to jump into the deep end. This was new he never wanted to go to the deep end, so when he said he wanted to jump in the deep end I said okay, before I could even get to the other end of the pool he had climbed up on the Jacuzzi wall and launch into the center of the deep end of the pool. Just like that! Know hesitation, NO Fear it was just time to move forward in the pool.

So after about four times starting on the top of a small ramp I could see he was getting braver and in one push of the peddle he took off from the small ramp and glided up the side of another small flat top obstacle. He was so happy. With this new found confidence he sored around the track from the first obstacle to the next obstacle. He stayed with these two ramps for about another 30 mins. so when we ask him to add another ramp he was just not sure.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Mile Stone

Today was a mile stone for our little family. My little boy of all of his 6 years learned a great life lesson. It is so weird as a parent when you look up to your children.

At the same time you are in total admiration because, maybe, just maybe they are so wise and wonderful because you had something to do with their upbringing.

We arrived at out local outdoor skate park filled with metal ramps and steep slopes to attempt to ride THE new bicycle like a true BMX rider. I am not sure why we were going to do this but with no money and an empty Saturday why not.

My son purchased his new red hot wheels bike complete with a noise making had grip about two weeks ago. He has not been off it since. If he could sleep with it he would.

Last week my husband, in an attempt to give me some alone time(it is summer ya know we are both home 24/7 together)took our child on a long bike ride. On the long bike ride they located a make shift bike, dirt track. It was glorious they navigated all the obstacles with ease and precision. My son was elated. He burst in the front door and could not stop talking about the great trip which also included the water park and a Slurpee.

So the next day he wanted to go again, but this time with me. Shawn was working, so I agreed. Lets just say the trip was not near as successful with me as it was with his father. An extended trip,because we got a little lost, a very badly skinned knee and no Slurpee we arrived back at the house.

With this bad trip still fresh in my son's little mind when the subject came up to bike to the bike track he ws not as excited. I could see the disappointment in my husbands eyes, so with motherly love I convinced B to go to a different bike park, one that does not have gravel that will take about three layers of skin off when you fall on it. The thought of a family outing including on of our dogs was a great deal and B was on board ready to go.

(ok, because this story is a little long I will do it in parts....I promise I will blog again tomorrow and again the next day until the whole store is complete...)(really i will.......)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I know I need to blog, must get over my addiction to FB......hopefully soon!