Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy is good for your Health

I just read an article stating happier, optimistic people live longer lives.
I would typically agree with that...
Except if you have a week like the one I am having.

Monday.... tired had people over on Sunday, cleaned up ...not a bad day.
Tues... massive rain storm, had to go to the Dr. for pre op stuff. The nurse taking my blood hit a nerve in my arm and two days later it is still tingling.. still nothing that earth shattering. Dropped my kid at school after the appt. massive bad rain black outside, slowly backed out of my parking spot and hit another parent dropping off her kid. o.k. just a small little fender bender no big deal except(it is this week) as I softly nudge her front bumper her kid was leaning in to get his book bag off the front seat floor. The motion of the truck rocking ever so slightly thrust the grip(plastic thing you hold onto)we use to call them the oh Sh__, grip. into his head shoving him to the ground. This resulting in him crying and saying his head hurt..This resulting in him going to the hospital for a cat scan( I am sure their could be more on this later.

Alright, I am still o.k. starting to get a little nervous about my surgery on Friday. The nurse called from the surgery center confirming my appt. she was confirming all the times and fees I needed to know, also cofirming surgery for my left kidney? Huh I am having pain on my right kidney, I thought I was having surgery on my right kidney. She was confused and said she would call the Dr. and figure it out. Well lets hope so and maybe you might let me in on what ya found out!

So Today is Wednesday, and for the most part a normal day, that is until my tooth fell out! OMG, now I have to go to the Dentist sometime between now and surgery!!! or just wait until next week. My favorite Dentist in the Whole wide world informed me last time i was there when Shawn's company changed insurances they went to a dental insurance my dentist does not take. I hate dentist and this was the first dentist I could tolerate. Sooooo I can just pay for the repair and hope the insurance will pick up some or find a new dentist.

Wow I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings
Smile I am trying to live longer!
Happy Happy


Jenks said...

Ok, I'm a little confused, why were you backing up? Don't you get in the car line? I'm just thinking at PJ's school the carline just moves forward, no backing up needed. Regardless, I hope the little kid is ok.

Maybe they're looking at your kidneys from behind...wait that wouldn't make a idk. Are they doing that sound blasting thing or actually cutting you open surgery? Will they put you under anesthisia? I guess I have more questions then comments.

As far as the tooth, I guess you're just getting tested right now. You're always saying how you just pray and have faith that you guys will make it and you guys have been doing really good, so all I can think is that it's a test.

Wendy said...

Anesthesia yes, sound blasting yes from what I hear the kid is o.k., I walk B to his classroom so I always park, that day I parked in a different spot.

SonjaB said...

Its not December, why are you having car crashes?

Hope your week gets better & good luck on your surgery.

SonjaB said...

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